“Impossible Possibility”

What does it mean to actually “know” about God? I have been reflecting on the amount of time and money I will be spending in my life on trying answer this question. Knowing God is not any easy one to answer. Of course we get a glimpse in the Bible of who God is, but the Bible raises more questions as it does answers, and rightfully so.  It just seems to me that we spent so much time trying to figure out the God who in the end with always be a mystery. Hints the term that God is an “impossible possibility.”
This problem for me has manifested itself in the argument between “The Jesus of History” and the “Christ of Faith.” The Jesus of history is someone who the world has been looking for since Jesus left this earth. What did Jesus really say? Who was the person we call Jesus? Is our Bible accurate in its account of Jesus? The Christ of faith model submits that we do not try to uncover these questions because, in the end, we will only be speculating. It will still be a mystery. So in turn, we must accept what the Bible states about Jesus because that is the story painted by the writers of the New Testament, and thus, it is the gospel that is inspired.
I have to say that I am tormented between the these two. Part of me wants to know what Jesus really said and such, but the other part of me realizes that the beauty of the Gospel is that it is a mystery at heart. Christianity, in the end, cannot be historically proven. It must be swallowed.
I am not done with this thought, but I wanted to share it with you and see what you think. 

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