Almost Over. . .

Today the religion department at MOC had its advising meeting where the classes for the fall semester are presented and questions by the majors answered. I realized during this meeting, that every class offered in the religion department, I have already taken. Wow. Just three years ago I came in here wondering how I was going to accomplish everything on the degree sheet, now I am almost finished with it entirely.

My semester next fall is still pretty interesting. I have Advanced Greek, French, Latin, and an internship credit with Public Relations here at MOC. On top of that, I have my Senior Research Project which entails much research and the writing of an average of 100 pages. Oddly enough, this semester seems easy compared to the 18 hours I have pulled for the last three semesters. Nonetheless, I have worked my butt off the last three years so I could use my senior year for my Senior Research Project, getting into Graduate School with applications and such, and good fun with friends.

Sounds like a good year. I am looking forward to it.

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