Anthropology in light of Theology

I know I have not posted anything in a while, but I have been super busy. Speaking of being busy, this week I have a paper due for my Modern Christian Theology class at Mount Olive College. My studies have led me to an interesting topic: Anthropology in Light of Theology. My research is about Emil Brunner’s thoughts on revelation and the divine-human encounter. Brunner’s view is in stark contrast to the popular Karl Barth when it comes to revelation. Unlike Barth, Brunner believed that revelation from God is as subjective as it is objective; a meeting between the subjective human interpretation and the objective, perfect revelation of God.

You may ask yourself why I have picked this topic. First I believe that the Brunner’s idea of revelation really puts value on being human, without going to the extreme that subjective interpretation can cause, as warned by Barth. Take the Nazi Germany churches for example. Hitler used a tainted and disgusting view of God to push his extreme motives. Subjectivism, is this sense, is what Barth is afraid of. Likewise, Brunner makes sense of what it means to understand ourselves as Imago Dei, or the image of God. What does it mean to be the likeness of God? These are all very good questions that I look forward to exploring this week.

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