Clarence Jordan Symposium

If you have ever read the Cotton Patch Gospels, or studied the civil rights movement in the south, Clarence Jordan’s name has become a staple in your thinking. This amazing Greek scholar and more impressive man started the famous Koinonia Farm in Americus Georgia and has inspired some of the most noted writers in Christianity today.

In September, 2012 Georgia SouthWestern University will be hold a 100th year Birthday celebration for the late Clarence Jordan and it will include many amazing speakers such as Shane Claiborne, Johnathan Wilson-Hartgrove, and President Jimmy Carter. Hope you will consider going, because I know I will be attending.

For more information on the symposium, click here.

One thought on “Clarence Jordan Symposium

  1. Thanks, Josh! Please note, though, the Symposium is part of Koinonia Farm’s “2012 Celebration,” which honors the 100th birth of both Clarence and Florence Jordan, as well as our 70th anniversary. It’s quite the event of the year! There are actually 3 huge events and several small events all rolled into one. One of those smaller events is a play Georgia Southwestern is putting on a play during the Celebration.

    You can learn more at the 2012 site we’ve createdfor the events,

    Hope to see you this fall!

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