“God is Great”: The Death of Gaddafi

In the below post by HuffingtonPost.com, Dictator of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi was pronounced dead by the hands of Libyan revolutionaries. Although my pacifistic nature wanted to hope that redemption and reconciliation could be made in Libya, I had a feeling Gaddafi’s life would be taken sooner or later.

The disturbing thing about Gadaffi’s murder was what the revolutionaries were chanting as they paraded Gadaffi’s body around on the front of a truck. The Libyan rebels chanted, “God is Great! God is Great!”

Although the rebels were chanting a very true statement, I cannot help but cringe when God’s greatest is in correlation with a dead body laying on a truck. No matter what level of relief and freedom Gadaffi’s death provided for the Libyan people, in my eyes, I cannot help but feel like we have made a grave mistake in attributing murder to God’s greatness.

Take a look for yourself and the graphic video of Gadaffi’s last moments and judge for yourself if this act proves God’s greatness.


3 thoughts on ““God is Great”: The Death of Gaddafi

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    • Hey Vanetta,

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