Peter Rollins’ “Insurrection”

I have been doing a lot of reading of/listening to Peter Rollins lately. He is definitely my captured my mind (while it should be on other things). You should definitely check out his new book Insurrection, as well as his many others.

I have been looking for an outlet into the Philosophy scene for a while now, but nothing has grabbed me like Rollins’ thought. Rollins has also inspired me to read a little Slavoj Zizek over Christmas break, as well as a little Badiou (Dr. Hollis Phelps would be proud) and John Caputo. Hopefully, these critics of modern Christianity will give me some insight as I move into the next phase of my theological journey. I am beginning to ask myself, ” Could this next phase of my education be filled with philosophy?” I sure hope so.



One thought on “Peter Rollins’ “Insurrection”

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