What is the Task of Systematic Theology?

What is the task of Systematic Theology?

What a wonderful and complex question; one that I am struggling with at this present moment. As I read in preparation for my first Christian Theology Class, I am struck (and instructed to review) by this question.

One of my sources thinks that the task of systematic theology is to “figure out what Christianity stands for in the world” (Emery, Jesus, Humanity and the Trinity, xiii). But are we not skipping a very systematic and important question when we agree with the above quote. Why does our discussion start with taking Christianity at face value, leaving the Christian faith uninterrogated and to be foundational for our conclusions? Should we not question the authority that we are attempting to posit as our foundational lenses through which we will see our task and make our decisions?

So, maybe we should back up and frame our question from a different perspective: not “how does Christianity help me make and inform my decisions?,” but rather “why is Christianity worthy of giving authority to the decision-making process in the first place?”

What do you think the task of Systematic Theology is, or the task of theology in general? Please comment!

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