Things I am Working on . . .

It has been a good minute since I have posted, due to the fact that Josh Barfield met his infamous “divinity school workload.” Nonetheless, I figured I would at least state some of the things I am studying and interest me lately:

1. I really want to have a good reason to read Hegel‘s Phenomenology of Spirit. I am having a hard time finding a good reason to take on mass confusion.

2. I am taking a class on Frantz Fanon which outlines colonialism and its effect on seeing the other. As we deal with racism, sexuality, and relationships, we are concerned how the Incarnation of Jesus interrupts our field of vision, especially in viewing other bodies (skin) in light of Jesus becoming a body. My idea is to read Hegel and Fanon together in some way.

3. I want to write a book called, Why the Divinity of Jesus Does(n’t) Matter. My goal is primarily to view Jesus’ divinity as an idol –  a scapegoat to patch our misunderstanding – for the modern believer, and approach his humanity as primary.  I want to read Hegel’s death of God in the Incarnation as a humanistic approach of empowerment. This will be way down the road, and may never happen.

4. I really want to try to think about something else than Hegel. You can see this reflected in my first 3 points. . .

5. I can wait to read Jim Butcher’s latest addition to the Dresden Files, Cold Days. Harry Dresden returns from the dead!!!!!

6.  I also would love to read more Alain Badiou. Shout out to Hollis Phelps for introducing me to Badiou.

Thats all folks. Hopefully I will have time to post some more intellectual things very soon. Until next time, I would love to hear what you are interested in and where my interests intersect with yours. 

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