“True or False, No Matter”

I often turn to poetry when I can’t make sense of the world. It’s in writing obscure and challenging words that I am able to face the struggle of saying something in the face of despair. I think poetry is a right medium to speak about things that often leave us speechless, and struggling to understand through a poem leads us to understand the subject of it by its content and its form – the words within and how they are delivered. I believe this is good preaching, as well. We should preach around an idea, fighting with it, saying weird and counter words; and in that struggle we find truth, or we are able to deal with the eternal searching. Tell truth with a slant, as Emily Dickinson would say.

Lately, as many of you know, the world has become a little less understanding, and way less understandable. It seems when I speak, controversy surrounds, and when I stay silent, I notice how little people actually care about the issues that need to be discussed. So, rather than say outright how I feel about the current circumstances, here’s some slant. Figure out what it means. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter.

“True or False, No Matter”

True. It’s all around us

False. It’s in our blood 

True. It’s who we are 

False. Production of the Mud 

True. No one really cares

False. Those who do, for a moment

True. Those who last are already dead themselves 

False. Those who aren’t seem not to want it

True. We didn’t ask to be this

False. There’s stronger mice than men

True. We can’t expect to beat this

False. Then we begin, again

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