Why have I created this blog you ask? The reason is simple: to burn barns. William Faulkner wrote a short story that went by this name in which a boy lives with his tenant farming father who has a knack for setting barns ablaze. The father in Faulkner’s classic finds equality by burning down that which enslaves him. Burning barns is what bridged the economic gap, forged the thoughts of a new life for the father, and revealed the injustice around him.

I hope this blog is a way to burn down the barns in our own lives, and to looks at the world in which we live from a different perspective. In the words of Lee Rozelle, “When does an awareness of home provoke terror and awe? When it’s burning.”

Particularly, I hope to thoughtfully engage religion and popular culture, because, for most of us, those are the houses we live in, the lens through which see and are formed by the world. There should be plenty of fodder for the fire. God knows there are plenty of barns that need only a spark.

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