12631298_10208685776488775_3145316259691889700_nHey everyone. Josh Barfield here. Welcome to the blog. A bit about me: I am a  recent graduate from the Master of Theological Studies Program at Duke Divinity School. I am an avid reader and a follower of Jesus. I hail from Newton Grove, NC, but currently live and work in Durham. I was a pastor for a bit, failed miserably, and I teach religion as an adjunct on the side. I enjoy all things nerdy, especially comic books and film, love good beer, and have a darn good life as Camille’s husband, Asa’s dad, and Lily’s (my dog) servant.

Writing about the intersection between religion and popular culture is my passion, but I love to cook and I hope to have a job in education when I grow up.


2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hi, Josh…

    You must write books! Actually you should go to YALLfest the festival which will be held on November 9, in Charleston, South Carolina.

    Start going to this events and meet authors or simply see what the writers world is about. I own a small bookstore in Laredo Tx, since 2 yrs ago. I opened because we didn’t have one..yep only city without a bookstore ( you can google it). I have seen many books as you can imagine.
    Beeing a writer is not a easy thing to do…it takes time and sacrifice …yes sacrifice, but the rewards are out of this world.

    I feel that you will be.. if you belive an EXCELLENT author! To be a writer you need to have experience in life and you have that. You know suffering, you know love, compassion…you have everything! And with God by your side you can touch many people lives.
    ” A book can change lives, open doors and gives us experience through the writers pen”. Books have power, authors give power to books.

    Wishing you the best of luck and hopeing to read one of your books soon!

    By the way my name is Mayra Maldonado, I know very well your mother and we love her so much (we Dr. Maldonado and I (wife) ).

    Say hello, to Liza and give her a big kiss from all of us.

    Mayra Maldonado.

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