What I’m Reading

If you are at all interested at what inspires this crazy blog, here are some of the books that have impacted my way of thinking, as well as some readings into which I am currently delving.

Empire – Hardt and Negri

Matters of Gravity – Scott Bukatman

The Terror Dream – Susan Faludi

Science Fiction – John Rieder

Fear and Trembling; Repetition; Works of Love; Philosophical Fragments– Søren Kierkegaard

The Dresden FilesJim Butcher  (This is fiction, but its entertaining reading.)

Wool Series – Hugh Howey (a North Carolina native!)

Insurrection – Peter Rollins

The Sublime Object of Ideology – Slavoj Zizek

Black Skin, White Masks – Frantz Fanon

A Ton of Graphic Novels and Comics. Check out Snyder’s Batman, Saga by Brian K. Vaughan, The Amazing Spider-man by Dan Slott. If you are looking for some classics, pick up Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing, and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series


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